About us

Just like all good stories, Rafla too began from a simple and clear need.

One evening in the year 2020, a restaurateur from Kokkola pondered how to keep up with the orders in his busy restaurant while keeping his customers satisfied. A young computer engineering student took on the challenge to solve this problem. Having spent many weeks serving customers at a pizzeria, he witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by both customers and staff. This firsthand experience and knowledge led to a clear understanding of how to improve the efficiency of restaurants.

From these experiences and thoughts, Rafla was born – a user-friendly software through which the restaurant's online store, table reservations, and ordering system operate in an integrated whole, reliably and quickly. The service is customizable in terms of features and appearance according to the client's wishes. An important aspect of designing the Rafla user experience was to consider how a customer can use Rafla on various devices, from tablets and computers to smartphones.

Rafla has always been developed in direct and close cooperation with our customers. To date, Rafla has served over 20,000 customers and processed over 120,000 orders.